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Watchful over a classic city of Art Deco architecture this frieze on the facade

of the Penobscot Building in Detroit hints at the Native American roots of the city.


Prints available at Fine Art America


What makes a great city? 

Is it the character of the weather, the buildings, the people? 

I know my city has seen the worst and the best, the highs and the lows.

The gothic roots of its architecture have endured boom and bust.

New structures rise near a fast flowing river.

Hope rises with them.

I still like this city best on a frozen winter morning,

when the sun rises through sky filled with floating crystals of ice.

Only then, early in the new day does the city warm under the winter light

 and become the elegant palace of dreams,

standing like a fortress frozen in time.

Prints available at Fine Art America


"October Afternoon"

The sun's light turns from orange to red. 

It feels like the last warm day of summer.

October Afternoon.jpg

"February Night Light"

The streets glow with 

light just after night has fallen. 

A heavy snowfall catches the light from the streets

and makes the buildings glow.

February Night Light.jpg

"September Sunset"

As the days grow shorter the bright tones of summer 

give way to a deeper richer color palette.

September Sunset.jpg

"January Deep Freeze"

The air is frozen and the world seems to have stopped.

January Deep Freeze.jpg

"March Mist"

The first hint of spring and the air is heavy with drizzle. 

The air is damp and chills to the bone.

March Mist.jpg

"November Magic"

The air is cold and the sky is clear. The first snow has yet to fall.

July Haze.jpg

"Christmas Eve"

The first real snowfall of the year is underway

as traffic slowly crawls up the streets.

Christmas Eve.jpg


Mackinaw Island Poster


Holland Tulip Festival

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