A continuing series of imagined landscapes for our national parks and iconic destinations.

"Sometimes making art becomes a process of reduction down to essential elements. Whatever does not contribute to the whole must be discarded leaving only the essence of a place."

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PIKES PEAK: Colorado

An imagined western landscape inspired by Pike's Peak is my first posting of the year. A warm up for a series in 2018 that may be marketed through the National Parks and Monuments system.


It's all about the mood. This art is loosely based on an unusual place where the high plateaus are topped with black stone. I find it liberating to create my own unique landforms, although this pinnacle does roughly follow the form of an actual landmark.


Each illustration explores the Navajo lands of Monument valley and the Four Corners area. The idea was to work from memory and evoke the mood of a moment and the unique character of the landscape.

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NAVAJO SUNSET Monument Valley

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